Tuesday, July 09, 2013

More cards

I've joined the Summer Card Camp 2 class over at Online Card Classes.  It runs for three whole weeks. I had today off from work, so I made a card.

For such a simple-looking card, this took me half the day to make.  Some projects are just doomed from the start.  But at least it's done. :) Now i can upload it to the class gallery!

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cm said...

Hi Kirsten: your card here is lovely! I, too, struggled with making a similar card using this sketch; not sure if it's the colours flummoxing me, or the sketch, or the combination. Whatever the case, mine was also a time consumer for how basic it was! Yours is darling!! Trying out stamping is on my agenda today (I'm a day behind), so we'll see how that goes...Have a great Wednesday!!