Sunday, February 10, 2013

CAS 2, Day 8, Salted Watercolor

This did not turn out great, but I did it:

The technique was to use Distress Ink on watercolor paper, and then further distress it by sprinkling it with salt, which wicks away some of the color to make patterns.  It worked, but the grains of my salt left large dark spots in the center of each wicked spot. Not attractive.  I covered some of them up with pearls -- which I don't usually use, but I thought they tied in with the watery color scheme and set off the white sentiment.  I  got carried away with the pearls, but they are stuck down there now, they aren't coming up -- I tried.  It looked better when I added a final one to get an odd number. It looks kind of like a constellation to me. And like pearls under the sea. Whatever. It's very late. It will do for now.

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Kathryn A said...

I love this card! I can't wait to try the salt technique!!