Sunday, July 14, 2013

Weekend card

This is a card using Shari Carroll's watercolor technique with Gelatos, in one of the alternate color schemes from Friday.  I matched the colors as closely as i could from the Gelatos I had.

I can't say i love it.  But once I start a card, I feel obligated to finish it, unless it really is turning into a  total disaster.  I often find that when I look back at cards later, I like them better than I remember.

I do love that Picasso quote!   It seemed to need something more.  I see that sequins are very "on trend" right now, so I added a butterfly sequin.  Butterflies are a common image of the soul.  I don't usually follow trends, but I had these sequins, so I used it.


Sharon Underwood said...

So glad to see someone else trying the painting! Yours turned out great, with a perfect sentiment! I had fun doing mine -- kind of just let go and let it happen.

Kathryn A said...

I love that Picasso quote, too! And your card is really pretty!!

Marianne said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving such an encouraging comment. I' sort of glad I'm not the only one having trouble with this shaker card. But like I said, it was a good experience. I'm finding that these classes encourage you to try new things and play around with your supplies, instead of being focused on creating THE perfect card. Hmm, not so sure I manage to do that all the time. Let's go and try something else, shall we? BTW, I think your card turned out quite nicely. I agree the quote is really fitting, and I love how you finished the card off with the butterfly.