Monday, July 16, 2012

More Day 4 cards

LIke I said, graphic stamps are some of my favorites, and I have a lot of them.  This card came from the technique in the lesson of using graphic stamps to make backgrounds. Although, it isn't the background, really, as there is nothing on top of it, but the foreground, but the idea is the same -- building up patterns with graphic stamps.

I have been wanting to try this stamp with this technique for a while, as these cards I have have a window cut in them.

The embossed square inside the window came out fine.  **Sigh** But the greeting, not so much:

I can't give this to anyone.  I'm going to have to do it again. I do try to be super-careful when card-making, because any time I make a mistake, trying to correct it invariably makes things worse.

I might try green and copper next time. That black looks pretty forbidding. But it is super late, so I am not going to try it tonight. See you in class tomorrow.

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