Sunday, July 22, 2012

Card Class -- Border Stamps

Hete is my card from the lesson on border stamps.  This stamp is from a set from Hampton Arts. I don't rememebr the name as I tossed the backing card -- maybe just "Circles?"

This came out better than I expected.  I do love a rainbow color scheme, they seem to radiate happiness, harmony, and I guess, positive energy to me. I also like the way the squarish type style of the sentiment contrast the circles of the background.

I put the sentiment over the yellow band because I wasn't very happy with the way that came out.  Has anyone noticed trouble stamping yellow?  That was the problem with the Faber-Castell markers on my sentiment stamp, the one picked for the bonus day -- I couldn't get the yellow marker to stamp bright enough to read.  Is it a quality of the color yellow itself, I wonder, or a quality of the pigments they use to make ink yellow?

The sentiment is a little off-center, but not for lack of trying, I tell you. I had my grid mat out and everything.  Straight lines, right angles, are something I have real trouble with. Maybe because of my limited vision.

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