Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Card Class Day 7

Today's lesson is about how to use floral stamps.  There are many kinds of floral stamps, of course; the one they were using in class is an outline stamp.

The card I first wanted to try was Jennifer's field of black and white flowers, with one focal image in color. Here's my take on it:

My first attempt was too crowded; the extra flowers were crowding the focal flower and the sentiment.  This is better, but it is still too crowded on the left.  I do kind of like the way it starts out busy on the left and clears out around the sentiment. I should try it again, though.

I'm not really big on flowers, but I've always liked this little rose stamp, which is just one of those one-dollar stamps you can get at Michael's.  The design is based on a rose design by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, the great Scottish Arts & Crafts designer. He's one of my Mom's favorite artists. (My Mom is Scottish.)

The flower is colored with Spectrum Noir alcohol markers.  I just got these markers, so I'm not great with them yet, but I'm learning.


tmishler said...

I shop at michaels all the time. I wish I had seen this stamp. Your interpretation of Flower stamp day 7 is really quite stunning.

Caroline said...

OMG you are the first person, other than my sister, who would recognize a Charles Rennie Mac flower. I'm Scottish & my sister still lives there & has sent me earring & a bracelet with the Rennie Mac rose. I wish I'd seen this stamp at Michael's I would have bought one for me & one for my sister. Oh yes..... Love the card too! Lol.

Deirdremf said...

This is caroline's sister! We love Rennie mac designs.. he is kind of a national hero here! Love your card. I will have to look for a similar stamp!

Kirsten Corby said...

Hi Caroline and Dierdre! I'm sure if you pressed the hard-worked in-house designers at Hampton Arts/Studio G, they'd deny the rose stamp is derived from Mackintosh, but if you look at it, clearly it is.

I got it a while ago, but if you dig around in those one-dollar stamp bins at Michael's, you may yet find one.

Berni Cuttino said...

Very nice. These classes are awesome. Thanks for stopping by and leaving the sweet comments. Hugs