Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First Card

I am so excited, here is the first card I made from the Clean & Simple class! The idea was, don't be afraid of empty space.

I am a terrible photographer, always have been. The sentiment says "Congratulations." In the end, I think the craft button embellishments are a little too big and overpower the sentiment somewhat. But I was afraid too big a sentiment would overpower the whole card. I guess I could have mocked it up beforehand, see what worked better, but I was too excited to make a card and upload it and got carried away. Something to keep in mind.

The card is ordinary white cardstock. The patterned paper os from the "Abrianna" series by K & Company. The sentiment stamp is by Studio G. The glitter craft buttons are from Dressitup.com.

Here in this shot you can see a little how the glitter in the paper echoes the glitter craft buttons:

The sketch, or basic layout, of the card features three circles to represent three embellishments or design elements in a row. When I saw them I thought of the glitter craft buttons I got last time I went to Michael's, and I really wanted to use them. So that's where this card started.

I think the color scheme at least came out really well.


Pam W Merwin said...

What beautiful coordination with the paper and buttons - love those buttons :)

Kirsten Corby said...

Thank you! Yeah, they're not really "buttons" at all -- they have no holes or shank -- but they are super glittery and I love anything glittery.