Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Card 2

Here is the most recent card I made before starting the class. It did not turn out as nicely as i hoped, but I had this layout in my head for a long time, and I'm glad to get it out and be able to move on to other things:

You can't see it really in this shot, but that flourish in the lower right is a punch-out, and on the inside I glued a strip of colored cardstock from the same paper as the flowers, to show through. Here is another shot, kind of crappy but you can see the paper strip:

By the way, the class is called "Clean and Simple cardmaking," taught at the website OnlineCardClasses.com , taught by Jennifer McGuire, Kristina Werner, and Julie Ebersole. It is only 25 dollars and you can still sign up, I think, if you are interested.

I have been papercrafting for about two years and I love it. It is something concrete and beautiful that I produce. I have to create something, even as small as a greeting card, or I feel my life is a waste.

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