Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Clean and Simple Card 6

For this card I tried to combine two lessons in one, "Simple Embellishments" and "Plain White Cards." There is a fancy, store-bought embellishment on this card -- a domed, glittered Sticko leaf sticker --but only one. That's simple, right?

And there is clearly plenty of empty white space. I stamped the other leaf and colored it in with alcohol markers -- Bic Marks-It. I can't bring myself to buy any Copic markers, they are just too god-damned expensive for what is basically a toy for me. People who teach papercrafting or are on design teams, sure, but for me this is just a hobby.

I can see how some people would be afraid of so much white space, but I like it. It is dramatic. However, it was really hard not to slap some crystal Stickles or Perfect Pearls over that second leaf. That would defeat the whole point of "simple embellishments," though. So I stopped myself.

The sentiment reads "Wish you were here," and the two leaves symbolize the two people whom the card giver wishes were together instead of apart. Here's another view:

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mjensen602 said...

Hey! I liked this! It's the first one I clicked on in this know, the white space really drew me in...and the beautiful 2 leaves....very good card for 2 people who are apart! Thanks, Marilyn