Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Well we took the cat for a checkup yesterday and she is doing remarkably well.  A much greater improvement in heart function than was expected.   The pill dosing is going better as well.  I just decided to stop stressing out so much about it – if the cat is available, I give her her pill, and when she’s not, I don’t.  She is more relaxed about it too.  She must have been picking up on my anxiety.  Between us the hubster, the cat, and I have worked out a system that works pretty well.  Hubby holds her in his arms and I use the pill gun to dose her.  She still doesn’t like it, but she’s not so determined to avoid it anymore.  She even seems to come in sometimes specifically to get her pill. (We could be anthropomorphizing.)  But I do think that somehow she knows she has to take it.  Or at least, she knows we want her to do this thing, so she complies.


OK.  Enough cat blogging.  The other big news in my life lately is that I have been appointed chair of the library’s Summer Reading Program, which is keeping me *very* busy.  Summer Reading Club is our major programming event during the year and it is a BIG DEAL.  It reminds me of nothing so much as planning my wedding – I have to secure food, book entertainers, order all kinds of special customized items, meet numerous deadlines, print invitations, etc, and harness all these people and channel them in one direction to a specific purpose.  Except I have three months to plan it, rather than a year.


I have never served on Summer Reading Committee before, nor even attended any of the programs, nor have I chaired a committee before.  So I really feel like I am making it all up as I go along.  When I cry out for help, my more experienced colleagues do help me, but there is often a “ha-ha, now it’s your turn!” vibe to it.  Which I’ve been told, happens to every committee chair every year.


It takes up all my time and attention.  Seriously, I dream about it. 


But I have a good committee – all volunteers – who are doing good work and not dropping the balls.  It is more fun now that I have people to delegate to instead of trying to do everything on my own.  Actually I am enjoying the challenge.  I didn’t think I would, but I am.  I wanted my work to become more challenging, so now it has.


Right now we are booking programs to draw kids and their parents into the library.  So if you are a performer who charges a reasonable (ie, inexpensive) fee, or an educator who has an outreach program or WHATEVER, email me!

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jeffrey said...

Ah settle down, kid. It'll all get done. Sure you'll look back and wonder how... but it'll get done anyway.