Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Master Plan

Yesterday, Irwin Mayfield, who is the Chairman of the New Orleans Public Library Board, gave a presentation to the staff about the NOPL Master Plan, the library's long-term blueprint for recovery. Mostly he talked about "branding" the library, about NOPL core values that we can present and enact, like "preservation" and "celebration" (of New Orleans culture).

I liked his idea of the library as "information first responders" in times of crisis -- which is certainly true, as we saw during the Katrina evacuation and diaspora -- people went to the public libraries wherever they were to find information, contact FEMA, and email friends and family. And when people returned, the library was one of the first places they turned to -- for information, for diversion, for community.

But generally, I was hoping for something a little more concrete, like, "we are rebuilding this branch in 2008, that one in 2009, we have secured funding from these sources." Maybe they haven't gotten to that point in the masterplanning process.

I do think Irwin is a good ambassador for the library, as he is an internationally famous jazz musician, and he clearly takes the job seriously.

The library is holding a public forum on the Master Plan this coming Monday -- read more about it here. You can also take a survey or email the library with your suggestions.

If you have any interest in the library at all, I encourage you to take part in this process. The library is supposed to serve the community, after all. To serve, we need to know what you need.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Become Visible

My recent experience with my Mystery Patron Reader has inspired me to pay more attention to my presence in the blogosphere. Jeffrey told me to add a Sitemeter counter to my blog so I can see who's linking to me, and here I am joining Technorati:

Technorati Profile

-- which I still don't really understand, but hope now to learn.

Release the spiders, yo!

OK, so what does Technorati say about me?

Oh, I have 0 fans, how sad. No surprise, though, since I don't actually post that often.

My "authority" seems to be 2, which I believe means how often people have linked to my posts. OMG, that is pitiful -- and both times were my dear friend and co-worker Jeffrey. Link to me, people, I implore you!

My Technorati rank is 2,910,025. Dismal! Atrios, I'm not. I really should post more often. Maybe now I will.

I am abashed. I have had several other blogs/journals online, and I thought I knew a lot about this stuff. But it seems, not nearly as much as I thought I did.

Any other suggestions for embiggening myself in the blogosphere? Send 'em along!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Guess what! The other day a patron stopped by the reference desk and told me, "I like your blog."

My neck craned up like a startled chicken's. "What? You read my blog?!"

"Yes. I knew it was you by your picture." (On the left there.)

I knew this woman only as a patron, didn't even know her name. I was flabbergasted. Hardly anyone reads the blog, as far as I can tell -- even my hubby doesn't read it. "How did you find it?" I asked, mystifed.

"Well, you know, I read blogs by some other New Orleans bloggers, and they link to other bloggers, so you follow the links, that's how. I liked your post about K-Ville. It's bad."

(I wonder who's linking to me? Jeffrey, of course. Adastros? Editor B? I doubt it.)

"Uh, thanks!" I said. "Leve a comment some time!"

So, heck. Imagine that! People are actually reading this thing. While we were having this conversation, another patron wanted to know my blog address and read it too, so I gave it to her. Wow! Networking!

So, welcome, Mystery Patron Readers! Leave a comment and say hello! I'd love to know who else is out there!

And I guess I should take this opportunity to state that this blog contains only my own thoughts and opinions, and IN NO WAY represents the opinions or policies of the New Orleans Public Library or the City of New Orleans.

K-Ville goes Bye-Bye

From the Picayune:

K-Ville Shuts Down Production

A victim of the writer's strike. Although the word is the strike is really just an excuse to tank a non-performing show.

I know I've ragged on K-ville, but still I think it's too bad. The show wasn't as egregiously awful as it could have been. It might have gotten better. And you know, we've got to keep the brand out there, right?