Friday, March 25, 2011


Well, I look at my blog and see I have not updated it in almost a year. I daresay most people who had me on their blogroll have since removed me. In fact I'm a little surprised Blogger hasn't deleted it. But here I am, back agin.

As I look over my later entries, I'm not sure why I stopped blogging, beyond my usual dilettantish trick of haring off after some new and different project. But it may have something to do with the fact that I was back in town, and no longer needed to connect with my friends and family in New Orleans. Nor did I need to record my graduate school experience anymore as I had, in fact, graduated. (Work, actual work, was not nearly so exciting or challenging as grad school.) Nor did I feel such a pressing need to make sense of the aftermath of Katrina. Once I was back at work at my old employer, and had purchased a house to replace the one I had lost, I could fairly say I was "recovered," and the recovery as a whole was not so pressing an issue for me. Which is not very nice, considering all the people who cannot yet say that, but there it is.

I also, I'm sad to say, drifted away from the nolablogosphere as a whole. I rarely even read Jeffrey's blog anymore. I have yet to attend Rising Tide. I don't read The Lens NOLA or Humid City or even The Blog of New Orleans. I moved on to other things.

But now I want to get back to it. Blogging. Since I started in about 2000, blogging has always been a relatively painless and enjoyable way for me to practice my writing skills and express myself. It is part of my more general thrust to start writing creatively again, after a long period of quiescence which started before Hurricane Katrina, and which was hardly helped by that catastrophe, after which for a long time the vast majority of mine and my family's energies were taken by just trying to recover, with all that this entails. But that is done now, and I feel the need, to write again. So I enrolled in an online class on "How to Blog" and I am dipping my toe in the water of blogging and writing again. I'm hoping that some success in this form, which I have used successfully before, will strengthen me for the daunting task of facing fiction writing again.

When I quit writing before, I was very burnt out and angry. So why would I want to subject myself to that torment again? Well, I have my reasons -- but that requires a whole 'nother post.

Is this Kirsten 3.0, then? No, that would occasion a whole entire reordering of my life like Katrina -- perish the thought! I wouldn't even say this is Kirsten 2.2. Let's just call it K2.0, the reboot. That in itself is going to be challenging enough.


Beth said...

Welcome back!!

Kirsten Corby said...

Thank you, Beth