Tuesday, December 04, 2007

No blogging last week, because work was sheer hell. My branch library receives abrupt jumps in its circulation and attendance from time to time, as word of our advent spreads in the neighborhood, I suppose. Last week was one of those times. But we were short-handed all week, as one of our peeps was transferred to fill in at another branch. Plus, the interbranch delivery had not been done the whole week of Thanksgiving,so we were getting two weeks' worth of books and supplies in one, which all had to be processed. So we were kept hopping. By closing time I just had enough left to go home every day and sag on the sofa in front of the TV, while my husband tried to sustain me by slipping bits of food between my teeth. Coherent thought was not possible.

Yesterday another patron told me she reads my blog. Freaky! My experience has always been that being a public librarian is like being a kind of minor celebrity. Everywhere I go -- the movies, the mall, Mardi Gras parades, the doctor's office -- people know me. "There's Miss Kirsten! It's the Library Lady!" Maybe blogging is not such a good idea. Overexposure. But she told me she surfed over from Wet Bank Guide, that Mark had put me in his blogroll. Which is very cool. Mark Folse is a hero to me.

So I guess I'll keep truckin.


jeffrey said...

When I started blogging it really wasn't like this. I would put a few links to news that I had read with a little blurb or joke so that the ten or so people I would have otherwise just emailed could all go to the same place to read my bullshit if they so wanted.

Later it became a fun way to trade jokes with Daisy and with some of the strangers I'd come across during the process.

Now it's an invaluable and irreplaceable source of information and conversation on the events of the day. I've always been a news junkie and this is the most unhealthy sort of mainlining at times.

Over the past few years, the number of people participating has grown so much that I've come to grudgingly accept that many more people than I am comfortable with actually read the crap I put up there. God help them.

I will say this though. In just a few months, you've had at least two more complete strangers actually approach you at work regarding your blog than I have ever had. (Thank goodness)

You must come across as a much nicer person than I do for some reason. I can't imagine how that could possibly be, though. :-)

jeffrey said...

Also, I keep forgetting you're so new to this branch liberry business. Get used to being spotted in public.

K2.0 said...

Oh, I'm used to it, man, when I was at Main it happened ALL the time.

Once one of my coworkers was approached by a little boy at a Mardi Gras parade.

"Are you on TV?" the little boy asked.

"No," my coworker said.

"Then, do you work at the library?" the little boy asked.

It's all the same? I guess we should be glad we're in that equation at all.