Thursday, November 08, 2007

Guess what! The other day a patron stopped by the reference desk and told me, "I like your blog."

My neck craned up like a startled chicken's. "What? You read my blog?!"

"Yes. I knew it was you by your picture." (On the left there.)

I knew this woman only as a patron, didn't even know her name. I was flabbergasted. Hardly anyone reads the blog, as far as I can tell -- even my hubby doesn't read it. "How did you find it?" I asked, mystifed.

"Well, you know, I read blogs by some other New Orleans bloggers, and they link to other bloggers, so you follow the links, that's how. I liked your post about K-Ville. It's bad."

(I wonder who's linking to me? Jeffrey, of course. Adastros? Editor B? I doubt it.)

"Uh, thanks!" I said. "Leve a comment some time!"

So, heck. Imagine that! People are actually reading this thing. While we were having this conversation, another patron wanted to know my blog address and read it too, so I gave it to her. Wow! Networking!

So, welcome, Mystery Patron Readers! Leave a comment and say hello! I'd love to know who else is out there!

And I guess I should take this opportunity to state that this blog contains only my own thoughts and opinions, and IN NO WAY represents the opinions or policies of the New Orleans Public Library or the City of New Orleans.


jeffrey said...

I also cringe at these moments. There have been times when I've considered just shutting the thing down since it's essentially a toy that seems to get more attention than I'd like at times.

On the other hand, I enjoy the conversation I have with the other bloggers and it's become an essential way for me to follow (and interact with) the news so... I guess I'll just continue to be uncomfortable.

Also you know how to use sites like Sitemeter, Technorati, Sphere, etc. to find out who's reading or linking to you, right?

K2.0 said...

Uh, no, no I don't. Instruct me!

Nola said...

I found you from the BlogNetNews-New Orleans website. So add one more to your list!

Greta said...

Yep Blognetnews & I've read your blog several times:)

Greta said...

Kristen - if you need help with your blog & getting more exposure - Technorati, TTLB and more....I can help you!

K2.0 said...

Blog Net News? What is Blog Net News? Wow, I thought I knew a lot about this stuff ... obviously I don't.