Thursday, January 11, 2007

March on!

Somewhat out of the loop up here in Baton Rouge, I was enormously heartened to hear about the anti-crime march on City Hall. I think it will really have an effect. Angry people marching in the streets is really the only thing that inspires fat-cat politicos to action; it scares them, as it damn well should. And I absolutely LOVE the fact that Nagin was not permitted to speak at the rally!

And on a related topic, I feel I have to express my complete disgust at the anti-march stance taken by my former co-worker Jeffrey over at Library Chronicles. Jeffrey, I am appalled. You accuse the marchers of being Yuppies, of being crypto-fascists implicity endorsing the advent of a police state, of being racially insensitive because they are upset that it was a a white woman and mother, Helen Hill, who was murdered. But it is her family and friends who organized the march -- how should they not be upset? They are trying to do something, trying to effect change, address the issue. How can you censure them for that? At least they are trying something -- whereas you consistently sit back, criticize, belittle, and offer absolutely nothing in the way of constructive alternatives or options.

That is no longer good enough. Bitching and brick-throwing no longer cut it. Jeffrey, I used to read you every day, but as of today I am removing you from my blogroll. You are too negative. I feel you are now part of the problem, not the solution. You're certainly entitled to your opinion. But I don't have to read it.


jeffrey said...

No.. I suppose you don't have to read it. But I've been trying point out that 1) It is often counter-productive to march in favor of greater police power. 2) It is stunning that people have had so much to be outraged about before now and have done little..yet when they move on this issue they feel as though their "community spirit" is unassailable.

As for my.. um.. vigorous style of argument, I find it the best way to draw people out and make them think... that is when they make the effort to consider what's being said rather than personally attack the "contrarian". I know some people get offended easily.

Finally, criticism is not invalidated by the reticence of the critic to offer alternatives. Attacking the critic for this reason is, in fact, an avoidance of the issue. If I make no other point, it must be this one.

jeffrey said...

Also.. if you read today you might feel a bit better about it. But let me know if you have more complaints.